Erfahrungen zum Studium Vitality & Tourism Management an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Monika and Monika

Monika and Monika who study Vitality & Tourism Management at the HZ University of Applied Sciences share their experience in this interview.

"We had never imagined that we will study abroad but one day we found small town in the Netherlands which is called Vlissingen. First thing which attracted us was the beautiful landscape here. Beach, sand, sea and a warm climate. Secondly, the list of study programs was unique and it seemed very interesting because of a lot of practical lectures and group work. We decided to study Vitality and tourism management. This course is based on team work and practical part of course is working in the hotels, SPAs and wellness fields. We thought that this study program will be interesting and it is. The program consists of few courses: Hospitality and Imagineering, Spa and Health, Marketing in tourism, Sports and etc. The most interesting course for us is “Hospitality and Imagineering” because we are learning how to be hospitable, react to complaints, how to communicate with customers and satisfy their needs. Moreover, it is good that we have sport lessons because it makes our study programme more active. Teachers in HZ are very kind and helpful. You can always ask a question and you will get an answer as soon as possible. Every time they are ready to solve any problem you have and they devote themselves to make your studies easier and more convenient for you.

First week when we came here we had an introduction week in which our teachers presented Vitality and Tourism programme for us. We met our new classmates there and we had a lot of fun with other international students too. We have done all kinds of team activities in the beach such as volleyball and rugby. Also, in the end of the week we had a big international students party.

Life in the Netherlands
We are living in a student campus with other international students and we would suggest that all students who are coming here should try living here at least for one semester because there a plenty of opportunities to communicate with students from all over the world. Also, we always have parties on Thursdays because every Friday we are free from lessons and we have a long weekend to study and relax."

We thank Monika and Monika for the interview!