International Data Science, Protection & Security

3 Jahre
If you do not have a Flemish or Dutch diploma or certificate, you need to prove that you meet the conditions to start an equivalent course programme in higher education in the country where you obtained your diploma.
938.80 € / Jahr
Study starts mid-Deptember. No application deadline. More Information on application website.
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Why study International Data Science, Protection & Security at Thomas More?

Unique programme in Belgium! Not an academic education based on heavy manuals, but a hands-on approach!

About the International Data Science, Protection & Security programme at Thomas More

Data is big business. Learn how to make companies and organisations more intelligent through data. We’ll put you on the right track to becoming an expert in the field of information security and data management.

Students in this programme learn how to translate knowledge and insights in an easily intelligible way, from computer-talk to human-talk. The courses include an introduction to Cyber Security programming, which is indispensable for the processing and management of data, and students to learn to build and fill dashboards, which help companies serve their businesses and customers as efficiently as possible.

About Thomas More

With over 15,000 students, 41 bachelor programmes, and campuses in 7 different locations, Thomas More is one of the largest university colleges in Flanders, Belgium.

Our campuses are centrally located in Europe and close to several major cities, including Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and London. From this central location, we maintain a continuous connection with an ever-changing globalised world.

By working closely both with employers in their respective fields and with our own students, Thomas More provides trend-setting, high quality education as well as innovative applied research. We go all the way to create an innovative and professionally oriented education.

Striving for realistic and challenging learning environments and practical top-quality research, we have established partnerships with hundreds of organisations and companies where our students can apply themselves in real work situations.

Studying in Mechelen

Students will enjoy all of the comforts of Belgian living in the ideally located city of Mechelen. Situated halfway between Brussels and Antwerp, Mechelen gives you the best of both worlds while adding its own unique culture and architecture.

Through Student Services, you will find a variety of options for housing, both on and off campus. Students can also rent bikes and enjoy special discounts on sports activities.

Mechelen’s bustling train station offers ample opportunity to explore all of Belgium, though you can easily navigate the city itself by foot or on your Thomas More bicycle.

Career opportunities

Your job security is ascertained! The demand for datamanagers en security experts has grown exponentially these last couple of years. Thanks to the unique combination of technical know-how, insight into data and your managerial background, companies will be lining up for you!


Thomas More Hogeschool
Zandpoortvest 60
2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Hilde Revyn
phone.: +32 (0) 15 36 92 07 (GMT+1)

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