European and International Business Law (Advanced)

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tuition fee: 2015/2016- €15,000 (full time, all students), €7,550 (part-time)
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The Master of Laws in Advanced Studies Programme in European and International Business Law is a well established programme with a history of more than 20 years (founded in 1992.)
The programme is a high-level, demanding postgraduate programme in the field of international and European law.

The impact of EU legislation

In this Advanced Studies programme you will study the impact of EU legislation on government and enterprises in a global economy. In this way, you will gain insight into its repercussions on, and interaction with, other international institutions, in particular the World Trade Organisation. We will focus on the areas where the impact of the EU is the strongest.

Our programme is unique in its clearly defined focus on the interaction of international, European and national law. In addition, we ensure that you develop both academic and professional competences. Specific attention is paid, therefore, to professional applications, particularly through assignments and teaching methods.

For whom?

This programme is aimed towards talented:

• law graduates
• graduates with a sufficient background in law

The students in the Advanced Studies programme come from different continents and countries, which contributes to a truly international study environment.

Career opportunities:
The European and International Business Law Advanced Studies programme is optimally designed to suit requirements for professional national and international positions.

Career options

The majority of our graduates enter careers in:

• European or international departments of law firms;
• European or international national courts;
• European or international companies;
• European or international agencies;
• diplomatic service;
• the public sector.

Alumni have proven to be well prepared for the fierce competition for challenging positions, both academically and professionally. For instance, some of our graduates work in judges’ cabinets at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, for governments of new EU Member States, or have been selected for a PhD position at the prestigious European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Career guidance

Leiden Law School offers career activities to all its Advanced Studies students in the form of international CV writing workshops and seminars on establishing global careers. This faculty-level career assistance is supported by the student career service of Leiden University, which offers a wide range of services including communication training, CV checks and workshops on job application techniques.

After graduation, non-European students have the opportunity to stay for an extra year while looking for job. They can apply for a residence permit the ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment’ (Zoekjaar afgestudeerde) scheme.

contact person: International Studyline
phone.: 071 527 11 11
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