European and International Human Rights Law (Advanced)

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tuition fee: 2015/2016- €15,000 (full- time, all students), €7,550 (part-time)
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In the contemporary world the coexistence and interaction of legal regimes has become a characteristic feature. The same holds true for the human rights systems that have developed nationally, regionally and globally.
Coexisting human rights systems
In the contemporary world, the coexistence and interaction of regional, national and international legal regimes has become a characteristic feature, which is also true for human rights. In many cases where human rights are at risk, different human rights protection mechanisms may be applicable.

In addition, human rights supervisory bodies increasingly take each other’s work into account, which enhances the development of an all-embracing and cohesive human rights culture. It is for this reason that in this Advanced Master of Laws, you will study human rights law in a comparative perspective.

Renowned human rights experts
Our programme is characterised by small-scale teaching, which encourages intensive interaction between students and lecturers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer contributions from renowned human rights experts who bring the most recent developments and issues to the class room.

A study trip to human rights organisations in Strasbourg and Geneva is an integral part of this programme and will add to a genuine understanding of human rights law by helping you to put theory into practice. After graduation, you will have gained the necessary international experience and skills you need to work in the field of human rights law anywhere in the world.

For who?

• talented law graduates
• talented graduates with a sufficient background in law
The students in the Advanced Studies programme come from different continents and countries, which contributes to a truly international study environment.

Career opportunities:

We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and flexibility to work in different human rights settings at national and international level. Our graduates, therefore, meet the requirements for a range of positions with organisations including:

• national and European governmental bodies and public administration;
• national, regional and international non-governmental human rights organisations;
• national human rights institutes and equality bodies, judiciary or Ombudsman institutions;
• law firms and companies involved with human rights.

The programme is also suitable for newly graduated, talented lawyers who wish to pursue advanced studies at postgraduate level as well as engaging in a PhD in the field of human rights law.

Career orientation
Our teaching staff has an extensive international professional and academic network and can help you in your career orientation. In fact, many of the people you will engage with at Leiden Law School, be it professors, professionals or fellow students, will become valuable members of your own personal international network.
After graduation, non-European students have the opportunity to stay for an extra year while looking for job. They can apply for a residence permit the ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment’ (Zoekjaar afgestudeerde) scheme.

Career guidance
Leiden Law School offers career activities to all its Advanced Studies students in the form of international CV writing workshops and seminars on establishing global careers. This faculty-level career assistance is supported by the student career service of Leiden University, which offers a wide range of services including communication training, CV checks and workshops on job application techniques.

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